Raspberry Pi Image Builder


This documentation covers the usage of the builder script for operating system images designed to be included with Public Lab Camera Kits.

Any person may use this script and the related infrastructure for building customized operating systems for their own projects.

It is important to highlight that this project was forked from the Hypriot project. Thanks!


Often DIY projects require customizing software. It is an effort to publish these customizations.

This repository could serve to share customizations and develop them socially, by means of issuing pull requests and sharing build recipes and resulting images.

This guide serves the purpose of detailing the build process and suggesting a customization workflow.


Issuing a PR will build the image. We will merge PRs aligned and suitable to be included in Public Lab's Camera Kits, at the discretion of the maitainers. You are encouraged to fork your own repository and experiment with preparing your own images!

By using Gitlab's automated continuous integration to build images you'll have fresh images built for you every time you push your changes.

For the community's convenience, this repository is also mirrored at Github


Like its upstream project Hypriot, image-builder-rpi is licensed with the MIT license.

This guide is licensed with Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0 Unported license.


This project was initiated by Sebastian Silva by contract of PublicLab.Org, the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science.