Image Customization

This repository holds the recipe and files for building an operating system image capable of booting on Raspberry Pi (tested on model Pi Zero W).

While you may build locally if you have Docker (tested on Linux), it is recommended that you follow the workflow.

Files and Directories

builder/files/: All files in this directory will be copied over to the Raspberry Pi image's root directory.

builder/ This is the script that does the actual building.

builder/ This is the script that is run inside an ARM based virtual machine that emulates the raspberry pi. It installs packages and also generates some configuration files.

builder/files/boot/user-data: This is the configuration file for cloud-init. It holds important customizations such as username creation and hostname configuration.

Cloud Init Configuration File (user-data)

This is one recommended configuration point as it can be modified before first boot.

This is the main configuration file for cloud-init which is designed to customize cloud servers and provides many useful configuration hooks. Please refer to the cloud-init documentation for details.

Customization Orientation

If you'd like to start scripts every boot, try to customize builder/files/etc/rc.local adding commands which will be ran after the rest of the startup process.

Also the web root is at /var/www/. You may place web content or applications here. PHP has been enabled by default.

Once you have modified the scripts or files to be included in the distribution, follow the workflow into the next step.